Thursday, September 16, 2004

Politically Correct Myths

Today we present the first installment in a series designed to shed a little empirical light on popular politically correct myths.

Myth #1: Diversity rocks.

Truth: It ain't necessarily so. Diversity is not a panacea...and it never has been.

Empirical Support: In the Harvard Business Review, Sethi, Smith, and Park report the results of their study detailing the fact that "while more ideas may come to the table as diversity increases, team problem solving gets harder. Information overload can bog down the process, canceling out the benefit of having more perspectives and ideas to work with" (2002, p.17).

Sethi, R., Smith, D., & Park, C. (2002, August). How to kill a team's creativity. Harvard Business Review, 80(8), 16-17.


Blogger nathan said...

There are a hundred and one studies out there dealing with the topic of diversity, from journals far more thorough than HBR, and the conclusion is that racial diversity has no perceivable positive effect on organizations or teams. I can send you a couple if you want. I have copies of a few. In fact, the evidence shows that, if anything, diversity creates tension (due primarily to affirmative action issues) and is actually counter-productive. Take that and smoke it all you stupid corporations and liberals. The diversity BS is so strong you can smell it from a mile away.

September 17, 2004 at 1:38 AM  

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